3 Tips for Stress-Free Train Travel With Kids

Traveling with kids can be difficult. All the things that make it stressful and uncomfortable for adults are even worse for little ones, and trying to have a calm journey with an unhappy child is never easy. If this is a situation you often find yourself in, here are some tips to help you all have a more easy-going train ride. 

Try to Get the Right Seats

It’s not easy if your train is super packed, but having a good seating setup can make all the difference. Ideally, choose seats with plenty of room based around a table and if possible with a window. This will allow you to all sit comfortably and have a good base. Having a window will give you all much more entertainment opportunities too. 

Play Some Games

This is where a window is ideal, but if you don’t have a good window view then there are still plenty of games available. Trains are good in the sense that no one is the driver, so you can all get heavily involved in any games being played. 

Bring Some Good Snacks and Drinks

Most trains don’t have any food or drink available, or if they do it’s very overpriced. Bring some good snacks to ward off any unwanted hunger, and bring a juice box for the kids and a flask of tea for yourself. Having these refreshments will help you all feel calmer.