3 Major Mistakes You’re Making When Helping Your Kids with Homework

In a perfect world, your kids would be doing their homework on their own, but there comes a time when they need a little push. If your little ones ask for your help, here are three common mistakes you should avoid making because they can hinder their learning abilities and independence.

Doing Homework Yourself

One of the worst mistakes you could possibly make is doing your child’s homework for them. No parent wants to see their kid get a bad grade or fail a class, but you shouldn’t help them unconditionally. Doing homework for them will teach them it’s okay to take shortcuts and break rules, in addition to preventing them from learning on their own.

Too Much Pressure

You should find a way to offer guidance and explanations to your child when they’re doing homework without being too controlling. Don’t hover over your child, constantly check their progress, or push them to do homework as quickly as possible because these bad habits can create a stressful learning environment.

No Established Schedule

Even when your kid has a whole day to finish their homework, you shouldn’t let them wait until the very last minute. Have an established time and space for doing homework because this can help your child manage their time and free up their evening for the hobbies they enjoy.