3 Key Benefits of Getting Your Kid to Try Meditation

The benefits of meditation are well known, and plenty of adults take part in a regular meditation practice to wind down after a long day or to regulate their mood. However, meditation can also have plenty of benefits for children, and many schools and educational provisions are now introducing daily meditation into their curriculums. There are loads of reasons to try this at home within your family, so here are three key benefits of introducing meditation into your family home.

Keep Calm

Taking part in meditation can help children regulate their energy levels, and this will bring about a calmer atmosphere in your home overall. Try putting on a kid-friendly YouTube meditation session an hour before bedtime, to encourage good sleep hygiene, or play it in the mornings if you have time before school to help your children get ready for the day.

Embrace the Small Things

Just as meditation can support adults to practice mindfulness throughout the day and take joy in the small things, children who take part in meditation are also better at observing their environment, noticing changes, and enjoying nature. After a few weeks of meditation practice, you should notice fewer meltdowns at home and a generally calmer atmosphere.

Boost Lower Mood

Although children are generally more optimistic and energized than adults, low mood can affect them and it’s important to address this with a range of strategies. You should certainly seek support from a qualified professional, but doing some at-home meditation can only support your child in regulating their low mood and boosting their contentment.