3 Ideas For Your Next Kid-Free Break

Every now and then, you need a break from your kids. It’s healthy to get away for a weekend with your partner, as it will give you time and space to relax. If you’ve got a kid-free weekend coming up, check out these ideas for a fun, relaxing and romantic weekend away.

Revisit Your Favorite Places

Maybe you’ve moved away from the place where you and your partner first met? Or perhaps there are places in your town that you visit less, now that you have kids? Take time to revisit the places you used to go on dates. This isn’t about recreating the early days of your relationship, it’s about reconnecting with the people you were then. Chances are, now that you have kids, it sometimes feels like all of your energy is used up on everyday, mundane things like school work and packed lunches. By revisiting old haunts with your partner, you will feel some of that spark again, and return from your weekend refreshed and revitalized.

Try a Rural Getaway

For true peace and quiet, head out to the wilds where you know you won’t be disturbed. Whether you opt for a shepherd’s hut halfway up a mountain, a lakeside cabin, or a clifftop villa, there is something exciting and romantic about knowing that it’s just you and your partner for miles around. Depending on where you live, this rural hideout may not even be that far from your home – it’s about creating a sense of solitude, and giving yourself a chance to rest in nature.

City Break

If you’re not one for rural isolation and solitude, make the most of not having the kids with you and head to a buzzing, vibrant city. Taking small children through the streets of a metropolis can be a bit scary and stressful, but striding down the sidewalk knowing it’s just you and your partner will give you a sense of freedom and possibility. Spend hours in the art gallery you know your kids would moan in, wander through the streets admiring the architecture, and order delicious food in a restaurant you know your kids would be too fussy to eat in. There is something about cities which can make us feel energized and eager, so you are sure to return from your trip ready for anything.