3 Holiday Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained Over Easter

If you’re wondering how you’re going to survive the upcoming Easter break, just check out these recommendations for fun, simple, and free activities to keep your kids entertained over the holidays. From traditional egg painting to learning a new skill, these suggestions are guaranteed to keep your kids busy.

Egg Painting

All you need for this activity is some decent-quality watercolor paints, some brushes, and some eggs. Hard boil the eggs (this usually takes between seven to ten minutes), and allow them to cool. Paint the egg surface white all over if you want a clear, clean ‘canvas’, or leave it natural. Let your kids add their designs to the egg, it’s a good idea to paint one half first to allow it to dry before starting on the other side. These make great Easter decorations and the painting can absorb your kids for hours.


Knitting only requires some needles, yarn, and a good YouTube tutorial. You can learn alongside your kids, younger children will need adult support to get the hang of casting on and stitching. However, once they’ve mastered this, there will be no stopping them as they start creating knitted scarves, belts, and hats.

Egg Hunt

A true Easter classic, you can hide eggs in the garden if you have one, or around the house to create some Easter fun. If you’re concerned about the eggs getting lost and then forgotten about, you can hide wooden or plastic eggs and then reward the finders with some chocolate once they’ve finished the hunt.