3 Great Pets If You Can’t Handle Fur

Having a family pet is very popular, and for good reason. So many of us enjoy having a little companion around, and keeping busy feeding and taking care of this animal friend is a satisfying duty to have. But many families can’t handle having too much fur around, whether there is someone with an allergy or it’s simply an issue of hygiene. If this is the case for your family, then here are some fun fur-free pet options. 


These cool reptiles may look like something from the dinosaur world, but they are actually super cute and a really fun pet. They do require some attention so aren’t ideal for busy, chaotic families, but otherwise are a lovely companion to have around. 


These are a great choice for a fuss-free and furless pet. You can choose a small tank with a couple in, or go all out and get a huge home aquarium. It’s fun to choose different types of fish to add as well as accessories for them to enjoy in their underwater world. 


These small amphibians are another pet that is surprisingly cute to have around. Certain breeds work much better if you’ve never had a pet frog before, but these little creatures can be super easy to care for and are fun to look after.