3 Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Science

Buying presents for children can be tricky, but it helps loads if you have a general idea of what they’re interested in. If your kid seems super into science and learning about the world, then this is a great place to start and there are some really lovely gift options within this theme. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Make Your Own Volcano Kit

These kits are so much fun for kids, and let them feel like a scientist! They are often quite simple concepts, just using bicarbonate of soda and other ingredients to create an exciting replica of a volcanic eruption, but for kids, it will be an incredible experience and a great gift choice. 

Walkie Talkie Set

These sets can be so much fun for children as they can communicate with each other over distances. It will feel super high-tech to them and let them feel like cool spies with the latest scientific gadgets. 

Animal Books

The world of animals is often endlessly interesting and exciting to kids if they have a passion for science and learning. Having a nice book with great pictures in and cool facts will help them explore this passion even further, and they’ll no doubt love sharing the fun information they learn with you.