3 Easy Ways To Style Your Daughter’s Hair

Styling your kid’s hair for school can be the cause of stress and tantrums in the mornings. If your child’s hair is longer than shoulder-length, the chances are their school will ask that their hair be kept up and out of their eyes. This is to reduce distractions within the classroom and to maintain health and safety when your kid is playing during break and lunchtime. Check out these three simple hairstyles which you can fix easily for your kid without the tears and tantrums.

Simple Pigtails

Perhaps one of the easiest styles to master is simply section your child’s hair into two, following their natural parting along the back of their head. Using hair ties, wrap each section of hair into a low-sitting ponytail on either side of your child’s head. This style is a great option as it’s so quick and easy to do that with only a little tutoring, your kid will be able to fix their pigtails at school should they come loose.

Ballerina Bun

This style is a great choice if you want to make sure your kid’s hair is out of their eyes all day. You will need to take care not to wrap the hair too tight, as this can lead to scalp pain and headaches if your child is unable to loosen their hair themselves. Carefully brush or comb out your kid’s hair, dampening it slightly or using a little hair oil if it is prone to frizz. Then, wrap it snugly using a hair tie at the crown of their head. An Alice band will stop any stray hairs from falling forward into your child’s face.

French Braid

It’s true that a French braid is a step up in terms of complexity when compared with pigtails or a ballerina bun, but this doesn’t mean you can’t master the look. There are plenty of video tutorials available on YouTube, but essentially this method involves sectioning out the hair and bringing new sections into the main braid each time you cross the hair over. It may take a bit of practice, but as you can leave the braid in your kid’s hair for a few days, this style is definitely worth learning.