3 Christmas Films the Whole Family Can Enjoy

The Christmas season is the perfect time to get cozy and warm in front of a festive film. If you’re looking for films that have something for everyone, here are three films that the whole family can enjoy.

The Grinch

Jim Carrey stars as the eponymous villain with a soft center in ‘The Grinch’. One of the funniest Christmas films, The Grinch captures the brilliance of Dr Seuss, and Jim Carrey’s performance is legendary. It has plenty of jokes that children and adults will enjoy, and it also has a storyline that is heartwarming even for a Christmas film.

The Polar Express

The Polar Express is a very unique Christmas film, as it takes viewers on a very immersively animated trip to the North Pole. Featuring a cast consisting entirely of children apart from Tom Hanks, it is definitely a film that kids can enjoy. However, it also has a mysteriousness and even darkness that makes it an enrapturing watch for the whole family.

Home Alone

Another Christmas classic, Home Alone stars Macauley Caulkin as a boy left behind from his family’s Christmas vacation. He then outwits two would-be burglars at every step, with hilarious consequences. This film has stood the test of time and with its slapstick comedy and witty scriptwriting, it is a film that appeals to all ages.