Why it’s a Good Idea to Braid Long Hair

Many parents like giving their kids the choice of how they wear their clothes or style their hair. In the instances where your kid chooses to keep their hair long, you may often wonder about the best ways to help them look after it. One of the simplest ideas is to braid it for school and other activities.

Looks Smart

Long hair is prone to getting messy and tangled; this is even worse for kids. With their long locks flowing free, they’ll probably often come home with knots and matting, as well as all sorts of things through their hair. Braiding it keeps it safe from these troubles.

Avoids Headlice

For parents, headlice is one of the biggest fears when kids are young. Having long hair is known to increase the risk as there are more opportunities for spreading. However, if your kid is firm on their desire for long hair then braiding it can allow it to remain long and protected.

Gentle Option

If you’re concerned about the above two, then you may well have previously been tying up their hair to protect it. This can often cause pain on the scalp when worn in this style all day, which braiding avoids.