What It Means If Your Baby Stares a Lot

Do you have one of those babies who just doesn’t take their eyes off of people? We totally know the feeling. Babies haven’t yet learned the proper etiquette of not staring at people for hours on end, and this premature tendency can be especially noticeable when it comes to strangers. And yet, it’s still incredibly lovable and hilarious when they do it. So what does it mean if your little one stares non-stop at people?

Curious and Inquisitive

Babies, by nature, are inquisitive, because they’re learning so many new things all of the time. But there are some babies who are particularly more curious than others. This could be your baby, if you notice that they literally can’t stop looking at random people all the time. It could be that they’re so fascinated by the world around them that they just can’t get enough of people!

Empathetic and Understanding

This leads us to our next point, which is that your baby might actually have exceptional skills when it comes to empathy. It could be that they’re staring at people because they’re looking right into their souls, and understanding things about them in a deep and profound way. When they get older, they’ll be more conditioned not to stare in that manner, but perhaps they’ll be very good at reading people regardless—and that’s always good!