What is the “Sad Beige Baby” Style & How Did it Became Such a Huge Hit?

Most kids love dressing in vibrant colors and fun patterns, but one of the biggest kids’ fashion trends is firmly against them. The term “sad beige baby” style was coined to describe dressing children in muted, neutral tones, but how did it become such a huge hit?

The “sad beige” trend is all about dressing your little ones in neutral colors such as beige, ivory, cream, khaki, and gray, while also decorating their nurseries in a similar fashion. This trend experienced a huge boom in the past few years all over Etsy, Pinterest, and Instagram, receiving admiration and backlash alike.

It’s difficult to pin down who started this craze, but Hayley DeRoche aka That Sad Beige Lady on TikTok and Instagram is often credited with giving this trend its famous nickname. She often posts viral videos making fun of baby items that lack color and any sense of fun.

Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian were often credited for popularizing this trend, dressing their children and decorating their homes in shades of beige, grey, and off-white. It’s also believed that the “sad beige” baby style experienced a boom because it’s esthetically pleasing and gender-neutral.

Whoever started this craze, “sad beige” baby clothes are not going everywhere, but not everyone seems to be a fan. This craze trend was criticized for sucking the fun out of the children’s life for the sole purpose of having an Instagram-friendly house or closet since most children probably wouldn’t have picked these colors for themselves.