Watch Your Back When Picking Up Your Child—Literally

The thing about becoming a parent is that we start believing that we have to be invincible. We want to do everything we possibly can to be a good parent, even when it’s not easy. But there are certain things that can easily be overlooked that can cause issues—both mentally and physically. From a physical standpoint, being a parent means a lot of moving around, and picking up your child as well. For this reason, we feel it crucial to state that when picking up your child, you really need to take care of your back.

It’s Dangerous

You might not think it’s such a big deal, especially if you’ve never really had any back issues growing up. But back pain is one of the most common pains that can develop in later years as well, and it’s precisely due to reasons such as this. We don’t realize the strain that we put on our backs the more we lift our children off the floor, and this gets even more intense as they grow and get heavier.

Helpful Tips

So how exactly can you protect yourself? The answer is that there are ways to pick up your child that are less intensive on your back. Instead of bending over where your back is parallel to the ceiling, you should instead crouch in a squatting position where your back is actually perpendicular to the ceiling. This will allow you to pick up your child in a much healthier way, and protect your back for years down the line.