3 Essentials Your Family Needs For Cold Water Swimming

Cold water swimming has gained in popularity in recent years, with more and more people espousing its benefits for body and mind. Lots of families are trying it out as a fun, healthy family activity, but before you all dive in there are some points to take note of, as well as some essential equipment that will ensure everyone stays safe and happy. Check out these top essentials that you need as a family if you’re about to start cold water swimming.


Ideally, each member of the family will have a good-quality wetsuit. This will reduce the chill factor and enable everyone to stay in the water for longer. If wetsuits aren’t an option, make sure that everyone is at least kitted out with proper swimwear, as opposed to bikini and board shorts which are more suited to poolside sunbathing.

Swimming Shoes

It may sound strange, but if you’re looking to swim, paddle, or bodyboard at unmanaged beaches, lakes, or rivers, swimming shoes can be a good option. These will protect the feet from a variety of fish species, shingle and sharp shells, and slippery or jagged rocks just beneath the surface.

Warm Up Essentials

Whether your family prefers towels, dry robes, thick sweaters, or a combination of the three, you need to make sure there are enough warm up essentials to go around. Cold water is fun, but getting too chilled is not a good idea. Packing a Thermos flask to prepare some hot tea or other drinks is also a good idea, to warm everyone up from the inside.