Easy After-School Meals Your Kids Will Love

While we as parents are worried about our kids getting enough nourishment, there’s no need to substitute deliciousness with nutrition. After all, with the right recipes, you can have both. Here are some easy after-school meals your kids are sure to love.

English Muffin Mini Pizza

All you need for this simple recipe is the typical cheese and sauce you would use on a pizza as well as an English muffin, which will act as the pizza base. Add some chopped fruit on the side to create a wholesome snack.

Lentil Banana Muffins

While regular muffins are a tasty and filling treat, lentil banana muffins come with added nutritional value that is sure to benefit your kids are a long day at school. This potassium-packed recipe requires just 10 minutes of active prep, while the majority of the ingredients are conventional groceries that may already be in your kitchen.

Crackers With Turkey

While it may sound unconventional, serving crackers with turkey comes with rich health benefits for your kids. The fiber and carbohydrates found in the crackers and the protein from the turkey will also provide them with plenty of energy if they have any physical activities such as sports later in the afternoon.