Top 5 Tips for Decorating Shared Kids’ Room

Most kids like having their own room, but that’s not an option if the space in your home is extremely limited. Shared kids’ rooms are sometimes a necessity. While they have their ups and downs, these useful décor tips will help you make the best of yours.

Equal Divide

Kids can get pretty territorial when sharing a room, so it’s always a good idea to show them they’re equal by ensuring they all have the same amount of space.

Bed Dilemma

Bunk beds are a pretty popular option for shared rooms because they save space and it’s less likely your kids will bother each other when sleeping in them. Adding some drapes to the mix to give your kids some privacy is also an option.

Right Theme

When picking a theme and color palette for your kids’ room, it’s important to opt for something they’ll both love to avoid conflict.

Storage Space

One of the biggest issues with shared rooms is the very limited storage space, so try to include built-in storage whenever possible. It’s important that each kid has their own section so they wouldn’t fight over taking each other’s things.

Desk Dilemma

Double desks are a pretty popular option for shared rooms, but always try to opt for one with drawers or a divider in between so both of your kids could have their own space.