This Mom of 2 Is an Expert in Baby Names

Coming up with a perfect name for their baby is a struggle for many parents. This is why some of them consult their friends and families for suggestions or even seek help from experts.

If you have ever wondered how an expert for baby names actually does their job, TikToker Colleen Slagen is giving social media an insight into this interesting process.

Slagen, a mom of two, was always fascinated by the name. Since she was young, she would research names and record her favorites in a journal. This hobby proved to be useful when she decided to help some local moms come up with names for their babies while on maternity leave.

Noticing that there are many more parents in need of assistance with baby names, Slagen started offering her services to others and made a TikTok channel Naming Bebe on which she details how she comes up with names for her clients. Parents usually give her the basic info and their preferences, and then she takes it from there.

There is a huge demand for her baby-naming service, causing her to work up to 20 hours a week. She shared in a recent chat with Insider that she already helped parents of 100 babies, and there is a six-week waiting period for new clients.

Check out more of Slagen’s naming videos below and maybe get some inspiration.