This Aunt’s Amazing Idea Will Blow You Away

Jessie Woods always knew that her aunt was above average, but this family get together that she organized was on the next level of fun.

The family, who lives in northeast Ohio, was expecting to have a regular get together at their aunt’s house. When they got there, they saw that their aunt arranged an entire “drive-in” movie theatre for the children of the family.

In Jessie’s aunt’s backyard, there was a full blown movie viewing screen, pretend cars made out of cardboard, and tons and tons of snacks and popcorn. Each of the children’s names was written on the car’s pretend license plate.

Jessie Tweeted a picture of this amazing sight and captioned it “My aunt made a ‘drive-in’ for all the kids in the family and this is exactly how extra I want to be when I’m older.”

Jessie says “Everyone seems to just be saying how cute it is and how they wish they had an aunt like that.” A few people responded to this Tweet with their own versions of this activity is done. If you didn’t think about doing something like this before, you should probably think again.

This is a fun activity for a warm summer’s night that the whole family will enjoy.