Things that Every Parent Does When They’re Alone With Their Kid

We all do some of these crazy things when we are alone with our babies, so we just wanted to let you know that it’s normal.

1. Read your baby every book that you have, even though they literally couldn’t give less of a crap

2. Put the baby in the swing. Take the baby out of the swing. Put the baby in the bouncy chair. Take the baby out of the bouncy chair. Put the baby on the activity mat. Take the baby off the activity mat.

3. Pack up the diaper bag, strap the baby in the carrier, walk out of the house, smell a poop, walk back into the house, and completely give up on the idea of ever leaving the house again.

4. Play music that you like in hopes of your baby acquiring your taste

5. Write long-ass posts on Facebook about how much you love being a mom

6. Binge a Netflix show…or two

7. Standing in front of a mirror with your baby and think about how simply proud you are to be a mom

8. Take a bath… even when your baby doesn’t need it

9. Amazon prime tons of random garbage

10. Order seamless- you are way too tired to cook