Should You Try A Camper Van Holiday With Your Kids?

The idea of taking a trip or vacation in a camper van sounds ideal to some and like a nightmare to others. Add kids into the mix, and, understandably, many parents would feel very apprehensive before setting off on a van trip with their little ones in tow. There are many unknowns – how do you see them entertained? What about dealing with motion sickness? How will you ever get any peace and quiet? However, a family camper van vacation can be an amazing experience for all, depending on how it is planned. Check out these tips to help you decide if a van trip is in store for your family in the near future.

Go as Big as Your Budget Allows

Unless you’re planning on navigating some seriously narrow mountain roads, it’s a good idea to hire as large a vehicle as your budget allows. Some camper vans can be surprisingly roomy, even luxurious, and this will help everyone enjoy the trip more and avoid any serious fallings out.

Plan Your Route Carefully

You need to make sure that the trip offers something for everyone. It’s all well and good taking a tour of wine country, but will your 3-year-old appreciate gazing out on all of those stunning vineyards for the third day in a row? Whether you include some beach visits, a trip to a theme park, or a zoo stop-off, make sure that there are enough kid-friendly attractions en route.

Take Some Time Out

Part of the appeal of a camper van trip is that you can constantly be moving on to the next exciting place. However, too much travel is a surefire way to ensure everyone gets cramped and grumpy in the van. Plan for some rest days, where you leave the road behind, park up, and enjoy some stunning natural scenery or an exciting city you haven’t explored before.