Should You Post Pictures of Your Kids on Social Media?

There’s no denying that technology is changing many things about our lives. And it’s also bringing up new questions. One of them is whether or not you should post pictures of your children on social media. To help you out, here are a few ways to think about the question.  


Social media is a great way for friends and family to stay updated on your child’s life. It can be an especially fun way to keep those you don’t see regularly updated on important milestones. Sharing photos and videos can also create a digital scrapbook of your child’s journey, making it easy to revisit these cherished moments.


If you choose to post pictures, it’s important to remember that this means starting out your child’s digital footprint. As children grow older, they may not appreciate having all their childhood moments exposed online without their consent. It’s also important to consider safety risks like identity theft. 

In Sum 

In the end, the decision to post pictures of your kids on social media is a personal one. If you choose to do so, consider privacy settings, limit sharing of sensitive information, and respect your child’s boundaries as they grow. We’re all trying to figure out this new territory so don’t be too hard on yourself.