Little Girl Tells Dad Not to Embarrass Her on His Wedding Day

Weddings are magical for almost everyone involved. The extravagant venues, crystal- studded bridal dress, and lavishly decorated wedding cakes are just some of the factors that aid in the creation of a picture perfect wedding. For most young girls, they dream of their own wedding after their very first experience with anything wedding related.

Whether they attended a relative’s wedding at a young age or just watched their favorite Disney princess tie the knot with Prince Charming, little girls aspire to be brides themselves one day. Typical childhood games of make-believe include pretending to be a princess or a bride, or even a princess bride.

The sparkly dresses and admirable attention of the wedding crowd make the prospect of being the bride almost as wonderful as being a princess. And because becoming a princess is much less likely for most girls than becoming a bride, little girls dream of their wedding day. That is, most little girls. One cutie has taken the internet by storm with a video that went viral of her pulling aside her father at his wedding.

JoJo made sure to give her father the rundown of how she wanted to be treated on HIS wedding day. She told him to avoid calling her “princess” and begged him not to embarrass her as she performed the all-important duty of being the flower girl. Luckily for the internet, JoJo’s father recorded the whole interaction and shared it online. JoJo has become an instant hit among audiences across the web.