Let Your Kids Try Out Their Gardening Skills for Some Simple Springtime Fun

Whether or not you have a garden, you can introduce your kids to the magic of growing seeds into plants. Many kids are fascinated by this process, and will quickly take ownership of any plants you’re growing together. Whether you opt for edible plants or some pretty blooms, check out these tips on getting your kids into gardening.

Let Them Choose

If you have a large garden, section off a small area and give your kid ownership of this space. Unless they ask to grow something that doesn’t stand a chance of germinating in the climate you’re in, let them have a go. While they may be disappointed if their raspberry seeds don’t take off, this in itself can be a good lesson about the difficulties of gardening, and they can always try again with a different seed. If gardening outside isn’t an option, provide them with one or two large pots situated in a window.

Set the Routine

Check the instructions on the seed packet carefully and make sure your kid understands the watering and feeding routine for the plants they’re trying to grow. You can remind them, but let them take responsibility for the watering and care for the plants—most children are so interested in watching the plant grow, they will happily take over from any adults around.

From Seed to Salad

If your kid has chosen to grow some edible plants, let them get involved in prepping them once they have been harvested and are ready to eat. This could be as simple as washing lettuce leaves for a salad, or perhaps you will oversee them frying some zucchini to eat in a pasta sauce. This will allow your child to fully enjoy the gardening process, and will make them more likely to try fruits and vegetables they might usually avoid.