Kim Kardashian Explains How Her Baby Bar Journey Impacting Her as a Parent

Kim Kardashian was very open about her ambition to pass the bar exam, and she recently revealed how it impacted her relationship with her children. The SKIMS founder said that her journey actually strengthened her relationship with her daughter North because it was important for her to see her try and fail.

Kardashian recently set down with Vogue Italia for an in-depth interview where she reflected on many of her recent projects – including her ambition to pursue law. She passed the “baby bar” law exam on her fourth attempt in late 2021, and this proved to be an important bonding moment between her and her daughter North.

Kardashian told Vogue Italia that her eldest daughter had a difficult time understanding why she was studying all the time, but this proved to be a crucial turning point in their relationship.

“She saw me fail and cry, she saw how I was no different than her when she was worried because of a test. But when she saw me cry from joy, I knew she understood how important that achievement was to me personally,” explained Kardashian.

She also addressed North’s relationship with social media in this interview and said she loves to record videos together, but she’s not dependent on her phone and that weeks can go by without her even using it.