Is Your Teen Learning to Drive? Here are Some Tips

Learning to drive is a huge milestone in people’s lives. If you have the lucky role of helping your teenager, here are some things to remember during this fun but intense experience. 

Patience is Key

If you’ve been driving for a while, it can be hard to remember that feeling of being behind the wheel for the first time. To suddenly be in control of a huge box that has the power to do some serious damage is pretty intense. Just go at their pace, and if you sense they need a break, gently suggest winding down the session. 

Try Not to Pass on Your Bad Habits

It’s inevitable that we all pick up certain habits and techniques when we’ve been driving for a while. They may make perfect sense to you but could complicate things more for a learner driver. Picking up bad habits from you is also likely to affect their test scores if they are not sticking to the rules. 

Remind Them They Don’t Have to Pass the First Time

So many young people put so much pressure on themselves with driving. Remind them that not everyone passes the first time and that it’s perfectly fine if not better to take their time with it.