Ideas for Rainy Days With Kids

There’s nothing worse than your kids having the day off school on the same day it’s torrential raining. But don’t panic, just because the great outdoors is off-limits doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the day. Here are some ideas for rainy-day activities. 


This is the perfect rainy day activity, as it’s fun and it produces some delicious baked goodies to enjoy. Kids will love becoming little chefs, and they’ll learn loads of useful skills.


This a great activity for letting your creativity flow. You could even suggest to your kids that they turn theirs into a story of some kind. All this activity requires is paper, magazines, scissors, and glue, and no doubt your kids will find themselves engrossed in their own little world.

Set a Project

If you have some books around this is ideal, or if not then access to a computer will work too. Give your kids a topic to research, and when they’re ready they can present this info to you, or make a poster about it. This is a fun way to encourage enthusiasm for learning.