How To Plan a Slumber Party

Hosting a slumber party is one of the most exciting things a teenager can do, but for their parents, it often represents a night of stress, frustration, and poor sleep. All too often, slumber parties can get out of hand, with teenagers refusing or unable to go to sleep until the small hours. Combine teen excitement with too much sugar, and it’s easy to see why so many slumber parties end with disgruntled parents and overtired teens the next day. Check out these tips on how to plan a fun, successful slumber party that won’t impact your household’s sleep.

Prepare Healthy Snacks

Before your teenager’s friends arrive, make sure the message has been communicated loud and clear – you don’t want loads of candy turning up at your house. Prepare platters of healthy snacks, such as fruit kebabs, hummus and dips, grilled vegetables, and cheese. The sleepover doesn’t have to be entirely treat-free—you could prepare some luxury hot chocolates while your child and their guests are enjoying a movie. Just make sure to be clear about limiting the amount of sugar, as this can really affect sleep.

Make Teens and Parents Aware of House Rules

Don’t communicate your rules and expectations to your guests when they arrive—send a memo around to parents, too. This will give them a chance to have a conversation with their kids before the slumber party starts so that everyone is clear about your boundaries and expectations.

Set a Collection Time

There is nothing worse than having several exhausted, sleep-deprived teenagers stuck in your house all morning. This is when arguments can start up and friendships can fray. Be clear with parents about a pick-up time, and set it early enough that your family can enjoy a day outside together. Your teen is likely to resist, but try and get them to have some fresh air and exercise the day after their slumber party—this will help them catch up on sleep the following night.