How To Make Pizza With Your Toddler

Your kitchen, a bundle of simple ingredients, and a curious toddler are all you need for a culinary adventure at home. Making pizza together will leave you with fun stories to tell and the giggles in between. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and jump into making some delicious memories. Here’s how.

Prepare Your Ingredients Ahead of Time

Before you invite your toddler to join you in the kitchen, get all your ingredients ready. Having everything within reach will make the process smoother and keep your toddler engaged. 

Let Them Get Hands-On

Toddlers love to feel involved. Let them press and stretch the dough on a baking sheet or pizza pan. Encourage them to spread the sauce with a spoon and sprinkle cheese over the top. 

Choose Toppings Together

Talk about what toppings you both want on your pizza. This is a great chance to introduce new vegetables in a fun, low-pressure way. Lay out a variety of toppings and let your toddler choose what goes on the pizza. 

Cook and Enjoy Together

Always handle the oven yourself to keep your toddler safe. When you’re done, don’t forget to praise your toddler for their hard work and creativity, making them feel proud of what they’ve accomplished.