How to Help Your Teen Decide if College is the Best Option 

Being a teenager is hard enough as is and then when you have to start thinking about long-term plans it can be overwhelming. You can help out here by offering a listening ear and some gentle support to help them make these big decisions. University definitely isn’t for everyone, so it’s good to make sure it’s been considered carefully. 

Is There a Subject They Particularly Love?

Often university can be the best choice simply due to the sheer passion someone feels for a certain subject. This kind of interest and determination can get people very far, so choosing to study a subject at uni based on this may well be the most sensible option. 

Have They Shown Any Interest in a Vocational Course?

Maybe they’ve had an interest in certain practical activities for a while, or have a passion for a particular field of work. If there’s something they’re good at and enjoy that could be studied in a practical setting and lead to work, then this may well be the better option over university.

Are They Ready for the Next Step?

If they are struggling to decide and feel uninspired by the options in front of them, then the idea of a gap year may be good. For example, trying out some volunteering opportunities to gain some experience and help them figure out what they like and don’t like.