How to Help Your Child Expand Their Social Network

It may be that your kid has started school and instantly made some great friends, but most parents want their child to have as wide and varied social groups as possible. This means that should any fallouts happen at school, your child doesn’t feel totally reliant on this social group and has other places to turn to. It’s also a great way to build confidence and healthy self-esteem, as your kid will feel at ease talking to a wide range of people. Check out these tips on how to support them build relationships with a range of people.

Take Up a Hobby Together

If your child is younger, it can be a nice idea to attend a group or club together. This way, if your child does have a confidence wobble you’re on hand to help, but most of the time they can be left to socialize independently. Whether you try out some crafts, a sport, or a reading group, attending together can be great fun!

Let Them Choose a Sport

Sports and activities are one of the best ways to meet others and connect, especially anything that is team-based. Let your child try a few options before settling on one, as you’ll need to feel confident that they’ll stick with it.

Reconnect With Your Friends

You can set a great example for your kid by developing existing friendships and re-establishing older ones. If your child meets these friends, you will be introducing them to a wider circle of adults which is beneficial for their confidence. If any of your friends also have kids, this can be another great way to introduce your child to other children in a relatively safe space, as you will be nearby.