How to Find the Fun in Household Chores

There’s no way to get around it, household chores have to be done. Even if you’ve bought various appliances to help you with tasks such as dishwashing or clothes drying, without regular attention your home is going to get dusty, dirty, and cluttered. However, if you get your kids to pitch in and try your best to make a game of the common household chores, you will find the daily tasks get done that little bit quicker, giving you and your kids more time for relaxing, fun, and games. Here are three tips on how to find the fun in household chores.

Countdown Vacuuming

If you trust your kids to vacuum thoroughly, set them a timer challenge. It’s a good idea to establish some rules, for example, you don’t want them vacuuming so fast that they knock the TV off it’s stand, but once these are laid down they can have fun finishing the vacuuming as quickly as they can. Not only will this get the chores done faster, but it will also help your kids burn off some of that energy!

Musical Dish Washing

There’s something about putting on your favorite tunes which can make even the worst dishwashing tasks feel like fun. Why not have a kitchen sing-along with the kids, you can wash while they dry.

Dust Patterns

If you’ve got a dusty surface (or two), encourage your kids to create patterns in the dust with a cloth, before wiping it clean. This is a fun and satisfying activity for kids, which also gets your surfaces cleaned with very little hassle—a win-win!