Here’s How to Make Gardening Appealing to Your Kids

Gardening is a great skill to have. It allows us to connect with nature and learn about ecosystems. It can also yield some great products and is well-known to be a calming activity to engage in. Getting kids involved young is great, but can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some helpful tips to help it seem much more exciting to them. 

Teach Them About Garden Wildlife

Animals are always exciting to children, even if they’re simple ones found in our gardens. Teach them some facts about woodlice and earthworms to help them realize how vast and exciting the world of the garden really is.

Show Them the Process of Gathering Produce

Whether it’s some lovely potatoes buried underground, or some exciting beans on a stalk, seeing these foods that they’re used to seeing on their plate growing out of their garden will no doubt inspire some wonder. Show them how to gather them and make them ready for eating to get them fully invested. 

Turn it Into a Game

You can get creative with this and will of course depend on your garden and what’s growing in it. But introducing some challenges such as spotting certain plants or counting how many snails you can see will help them see the fun side of this simple, mindful activity.