Here’s How to Instill Your Child With Good Manners

Kids have a very carefree way about them, and this definitely trickles over into all facets of life. It’s important for your kid to grow up with manners, and this can be hard to teach at times. If you want your child to be courteous and clean as they grow up, here are some tips for instilling them with good manners.


The first one goes without saying. You need to be disciplined with your child, because otherwise they’ll think they can do whatever they want without any consequences. This doesn’t mean that you punish them severely every time, but they need to understand the value of boundaries.


Sometimes, developing good manners is just a matter of repetition. A kid doesn’t know the right way to hold a fork because they’ve never gone through the motions thousands of times, and to an extent they also don’t understand the point of it all. Continue reminding them about their manners, and eventually, they’ll do it on autopilot.


Let’s talk about that “why” again. A good way to convince your child to act with manners is to ask them to imagine how they’d feel if someone came into their home and acted without manners. Role reversal can be a super effective way to instill empathy in your child.