Pros and Cons of Paced Bottle Feeding

You have probably heard about paced bottle feeding by now. By employing this method, the parents slow down the flow of milk from the bottle to the mouth and take breaks so the baby can eat at a moderate pace.

If you are thinking about whether to try the paced bottle feeding, check out these pros and cons before making your decision.

Pro: Reduces Overeating

With paced bottle feeding, you are reducing the chances of overfeeding your baby and helping them avoid stomach issues.

Con: It Can Be Frustrating for the Baby

It can be frustrating for the baby when they can’t eat as much as they want. Also, they don’t want to take any pauses when eating, which could make them even crankier.

 Pro: Easier Switch to Bottle

One of the key points of paced bottle feeding is that the method tries to replicate breastfeeding. This makes the switch from breast to bottle a lot easier for many babies.

Con: It Requires Patience

Paced bottle feeding takes a lot more time, and requires patience. Not all parents might have enough time for this, considering their other tasks and obligations.

Pro: It Strengthens the Bond Between Parent and Their Child

On the other hand, because the feeding takes longer, it can be quite beneficial for developing a stronger bond between a parent and their child through increased physical closeness and more eye contact.