Gentle Ways to Boost Your Kid’s Confidence

Confidence is a highly valued trait in society. Feeling self-reliant, comfortable, and able to manage various situations and interactions with ease is something many people strive towards. The best way to build this trait is to start young. Here are some ideas.

Ask Them to Help With Little Tasks

Being asked to contribute to things that you’re working on will help them to feel strong and self-assured. Be careful to keep this to tasks that are low-stakes. Not only do you not want something significant being done incorrectly, but messing something up that is clearly important will likely have the opposite effect on their confidence.

Encourage Them to Order in Shops and Cafes

This is something that can be built up over time, but encouraging them to talk to strangers in these safe settings will help them feel better prepared for future social interactions.

Acknowledge Their Opinion

It can be super beneficial to a child’s confidence to be able to give their thoughts and feelings on something and have this listened to and respected. It can be as simple as how they like their breakfast or what they want to wear. You can then use this as an opportunity for them to be involved in the activity as well.