Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween is a well-loved holiday, and for good reason. The chance to dress up and get spooky is lots of fun, and there’s a wide range of activities to celebrate the season. Here are some ideal ones for entertaining kids.

Making Spooky Decorations

Carving pumpkins is a classic way to get in the mood for Halloween. But kids will also love getting crafty with some decorations for your home. Creating spiderwebs and bats, as well as some ghost shapes for your window will be super fun and result in a great Halloween look for your home.

Have a Family Fancy-Dress Competition

Giving your kids full reign to create a Halloween-inspired outfit will be so much fun for them, and you’ll get to enjoy their adorable results. Make sure to get some photos of them all dressed up, and reward everyone for taking part.

Baking Halloween Cookies

You can easily buy some themed cookie cutters, and then let your kids get creative with decorations. Getting some food coloring to add to the frosting will help them look extra spooky. 

Tell Ghost Stories

Let your and your kids’ imaginations run wild. This is way more wholesome than watching a spooky movie, and you’ll likely share some interesting tales.