Does Your Kid Really Need a Desk Chair

Most adults can’t imagine having an office chair without armrest, backrest, and wheels, but are they also a must when it comes to kid’s desk chairs? All of these extra features come with their own ups and downs, and our brief guide will help you decide if your kid really needs them.


Getting a kid’s desk chair probably seems like a no-brainer because they provide support and stability and can have a positive impact on your child’s posture. Armrests can reduce strain on shoulders and neck muscles, but they can also lead to a tilted sitting position and some kids will find them too restrictive.


Most parents opt for desk chairs with backrests because they offer lumber support and comfort, especially during prolonged sitting. Some experts, however, recommend office chairs without them because they promote active sitting, which can lead to a better posture.


Chairs with wheels became a huge hit because they offer extra mobility, allowing people of all ages to move around without having to get up. Adults may not see any cons in these chairs, but they can be a huge safety hazard for your kids, in addition to lacking stability and being a huge source of distraction.