Cutest Hair Accessories for Babies

There’s nothing quite as precious as a tiny human with a full head of hair, whether it’s a downy fuzz or a head full of soft curls. And what better way to celebrate their adorableness than with some cute hair accessories? Here are some fun options your little one will love. 

For the Littlest Ones (Newborns to 3 months)

Opt for ultra-soft, stretchy soft headbands made from organic cotton or nylon blends. These won’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin and can come in adorable prints, solid colors, or with tiny bows. Knotted beanies are another cute option perfect for newborns. 

For the Movers and Shakers (4 Months and Up)

Look for soft fabric clips with small bows, flowers, or animal shapes. These are gentle on your baby’s hair and come in many colors and patterns to complement any outfit. If your baby has enough hair for a tiny ponytail, you can also go for soft elastic ponytail holders specifically designed for babies. These won’t pull on their delicate hair and come in adorable colors and patterns.

Beyond the Cuteness Factor

Always make sure the hair accessories you choose are soft and comfortable. Avoid anything with sharp edges, small beads, or anything that could come loose and become a choking hazard.