Creative Gifts That Will Surprise Your Kids on Their Birthday

Oftentimes, it can prove difficult to think of interesting gifts to give your kids for their birthdays, especially if you like to treat them occasionally throughout the year. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Here are some creative birthday gifts to give your kids that are sure to surprise them.

Hover Soccer Ball

If your kids love air hockey, then this disc is perfect for them. In addition to being an exciting toy with its flashing lights and unique concept, this is a great indoor toy for allowing your kids to remain active even if it’s raining outside.

Crazy Forts

While the idea of having a fort is exciting, what makes a toy like this even better is the creativity that it can unleash on your kids. With its sticks and connectors that make building easy, your kids can use Crazy Forts to build houses, tunnels, pyramids, an igloo and more. Ultimately, the possibilities are only limited to what your kids imagine.


While its bright colors and interesting shapes will certainly catch your kids’ attention, the concept of this puzzle game will keep them preoccupied for hours. Requiring players to construct 2D and 3D structures, this is a great game for testing your kids’ critical thinking skills while having fun in the process.