Constance Wu Reveals She Gave Birth to a Son With Boyfriend Ryan Kattner

Constance Wu recently appeared on Danielle Robay’s PRETTYSMART podcast and used it to share some pretty amazing news with the world. After announcing her second pregnancy back in February, Crazy Rich Asians actress revealed she gave birth to a baby boy.

Wu appeared on this podcast to promote her new book Making a Scene, which she dedicated to her partner Ryan Kattner and their daughter. She revealed that she wrote a dedication before welcoming her son, thus announcing she gave birth for the second time.

Wu revealed it was quite a shocker to give birth to a son because her mother had four daughters and she didn’t expect to become a “boy mom”.

“I think a lot of the differences I’m experiencing are [because] he’s just a different person, it’s not ’cause of his sex. But also, it’s our second kid. We have less anxiety around it, we’ve done it before, we have the stuff. I don’t know, it remains to be seen,” said Wu.

Wu and Kattner, frontman of the experimental rock band Man Man, welcomed their first child together in 2020. The actress announced she was expecting their second child back in February and mostly stayed out of the public eye during her pregnancy.