Best Ways to Prevent Your Kids From Eating Too Much Junk Food While on Family Vacation

Parents tend to be less strict with their kids while on family vacations, and rightfully so. Vacations are an opportunity for the entire family to relax and have a great time. However, you might want to think twice about letting your kids eat too much junk food while vacationing. It’s not only bad for them, but it might also make it harder for them to revert to their usual dietary habits when you’re back home.

Granted, preventing your kids from eating too much junk food while on vacation is easier said than done. This is why we decided to give you some recommendations below that will help you do so.

Have Healthy Snacks on Hand

You should always look to have some healthy snacks on hand that you can give to your kids when they feel hungry. This can be anything from fruit and veggie slices to trail mix and yogurt. It will ensure they don’t go looking for junk food too often and help them have a balanced diet throughout the day.

Encourage Them to Include Healthy Foods in Every Meal

 If your kid wants to have pizza or French fries, don’t stand in their way. However, encourage them to also include something healthy in the meal, like the side of veggies. If needed, promise to tell them they can have anything they want after they have eaten the healthy option first.

Set Some Basic Rules

Set some basic rules for junk food ahead of the trip and stick to them. For example, tell your kids that there are no late-night desserts or that they can only have desserts when they finish their entire meal. You can also limit them to just one junk food meal per day.

Be an Example

The best way to prevent your kids from eating too much food is to be an example for them. Avoid indulging in junk food yourself, and pick more healthy meals when possible. This will make it easier for them to follow suit.