Are Your Kids Ready to Walk Home Alone?

When your kids are young it’s a no-brainer that they need accompanying to and from school. Whether you walk them to the school site or to the bus stop to get to school, this is a standard part of the school day. But there inevitably comes a time when they won’t need chaperoning and will enjoy the independence. Here’s how to know if they’re ready. 

Do They Have Decent Road Awareness?

Kids often copy their parents when it comes to road safety. Next time you’re walking with them, try to get a sense of whether they are aware of the rules around crossing roads and general caution around vehicles. This is a very basic thing for them to be at ease with before considering walking home alone.

Will They Stick Together? 

Whether they are walking home with siblings or friends, it’s important to know that they will look out for each other and not go off by themselves. You can discuss this with them and gently remind them of the need to stick together. 

Will They Know the Way?

This may not be relevant if it’s a really simple route, but if it’s a bit more complex then it’s essential to know that they’ll know every step of the way by heart.