Adele Says She Wants to Have More Kids & She’s Already Coming Up with Baby Names

It’s been over a decade since Adele became a mom for the first time, and she’s getting ready to do it again. During a recent concert in Las Vegas, the British hitmaker revealed she’d like to have another kid and she’s already coming up with a list of baby names.

After a pregnant audience member asked her for help choosing a name for her future daughter during a recent concert, Adele said she really wanted to be a mom again soon. The Grammy-winning artist is currently dating sports agent Rich Paul, and she told the audience she’s writing down the list of name ideas, mentioning Parker and Ray as two of the names Paul and her like.

Adele has one kid – the 10-year-old son Angelo with ex-husband Simon Konecki. She’s currently busy with her Las Vegas residency Weekends with Adele, which runs until November, but she would gladly take a break from touring if her relationship with Angelo suffered because of her time on the road.

“If my relationship … with Angelo started to flounder a bit now, I would pull out of my tour. My life is more important to me than anything I’m doing because how am I supposed to write a record if I don’t have a life? If I don’t have a real life, then it’s game over anyway,” she told Vanity Fair.