5 Ways to Help Your Kids Make Healthier Choices at Fast-Food Restaurants

Most kids have a special place in their hearts for fast-food restaurants, but you should tread lightly when taking them there. If you’re looking for ways to encourage your kids to embrace a healthy diet while eating at fast food restaurants, these five useful tips are a good place to start.

Smaller Portions

Don’t let kids fall into the temptation of ordering large portions. Sticking to smaller kids’ meal portions is usually the best way to keep their fast-food consumption on the healthy side and avoid overeating.

Come Prepared

Go over a fast food restaurant menu before heading out with your kids to find out if they have any healthier options in store, such as salads and grilled chicken sandwiches.

Veggie Power

Use the power of vegetables to boost fiber and nutrients in fast food meals. Ordering a salad is the best possible option, but you can also add veggies as toppings, sides, or in wraps.

Customize Orders

You can customize your orders at most fast food restaurants, so consider using this perk to reduce unhealthy ingredients and make nutritious swaps.

Health Drink Choices

Sugary sodas and milkshakes are pretty popular with kids, but you should encourage them to embrace healthier choices, such as water, milk, or unsweetened juice, or opt for smaller portions.