5 Things You Should NOT Do When Your Kid Gets a Bad Grade

Bad grades sometimes happen to even the best of kids, but it’s not the end of the world if your child gets one. Parents often tend to overreact after their kid comes home with a low grade, making one of these five common mistakes that are best avoided.

Getting Angry

Your kid is already feeling pretty distraught after getting a low grade and coming home with bad news, so try not to react with anger and frustration when they share the news.

Harsh Punishment

Parents often punish their kids for bad grades, but the fear of punishment is not a good source of long-term motivation, and it won’t inspire your kids to fall in love with learning.  

Placing Blame

Instead of trying to find someone to blame for the low grade, whether it’s your child or their teacher, try to focus on finding the solution.

Comparison Game

After your child informs you they’ve got a bad grade, avoid comparing them to their peers or siblings because you’ll end up putting them under even more pressure this way.

No Support

Don’t always expect your child to fix the low grade on their own. Try to calmly communicate with them and get to the root of the problem, offering them encouragement and support with the subjects that are giving them trouble.