3 Tips For Helping Your Child Develop Emotional Intelligence

When it comes to our kids’ growth, we always want them to develop properly. While standard intelligence, or book smarts, is often lauded as the most important thing to have, there’s another kind of intelligence that gets neglected: emotional intelligence. Not only is it just as important for your children’s development, but it’ll prepare them for life in so many ways. Here are some ways you can help them develop this trait.

Embrace Emotions

It’s so crucial that you create an environment within your home that accepts emotions of all kinds. If you try and stifle them, this won’t fix anything. Instead, they’ll be left feeling confused and unsure of what their emotions are telling them. By creating a positive and accepting space, you’ll do wonders for their emotional growth.

Lead By Example

The best thing you can do is to be a leader in this regard. Practice emotional intelligence in your own life, and before you know it, your child will be following suit. They look up to you, and your influence can move mountains in their world.

Empathy Encouragement

A good practice you can invite your child to try is to imagine life in someone else’s shoes. This is about as classic an exercise as it gets when it comes to emotions and empathy, but it’ll help them see the world in a kinder light.