3 Reasons Why Your Kid Should Try Playing Tennis

Many parents want to encourage their child to take up a sport, due to the physical and mental health benefits which regular exercise can bring. While the decision needs to be ultimately made by your kid, there’s no harm in steering them towards certain activities and encouraging them to try out a range. Tennis is one sport that all kids should try out, for its amazing benefits in terms of coordination, agility, and overall fitness. Check out this range of benefits that this sport can deliver to your kid, and then see if your local courts are accepting new sign-ups.

Fine Motor Skills

Playing tennis is a great way to develop hand-eye coordination and those fine motor skills of grip and finger strength. Children often find getting used to holding the racket can take some time, as it feels awkward to hold, but once they’ve got the knack they should be well on their way to developing vital coordination skills.

Communication Skills

Playing doubles is a great way to develop your child’s communication skills and ability to work alongside someone else. Tennis is a great halfway house between individual and team sports, and most kids enjoy the opportunity to test out their skills as well as doubling up with a partner to take on another pair.

Agility and Strength

Tennis is a great way to develop your child’s overall fitness, without them even realizing that they are exercising! When they are really into a game, they will dive, reach, spring, and jump to hit the ball, and it won’t feel like hard work because they are so engrossed.