3 Classic Board Games for the Perfect Family Night In

It’s a great idea to schedule some family time throughout the week. Planning a night in with the whole family is great, and there are plenty of options for activities to choose from. An easy choice is a movie night, but if you’re after something more hands-on then consider a classic board game. Here are three that are a great choice.


This well-known board game is popular for a reason. Working around a map of an area with the opportunity to buy properties and build hotels is super fun, and there are plenty of chances to take advantage of your unsuspecting family members with some sneaky purchases. 


One of the things that makes this game so much fun is getting really into your choice of character. If your family loves being theatrical and dramatic then this murder mystery game is perfect and will keep you all entertained for hours. 


This classic game is often seen as a bit dull, but there are loads of opportunities to be very silly and have loads of fun. There’s something incredibly satisfying about slotting new words into the gaps, and this is a great way to broaden each others’ vocabularies.