3 Books Every Parent Should Read to Their Child

Many of us have fond childhood memories of being read to before bedtime, and for some people, this can inspire a lifelong love of books and reading. Whilst there are many amazing children’s books out there, these three are truly epic and will inspire your kid’s imagination. You know how good your child’s vocabulary and understanding is, but generally, these books are best suited to children aged nine and above.

The Wizard Of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin

Often when we think of fantasy, books such as Harry Potter and The Lord Of The Rings come to mind, but this truly epic tale from Ursula Le Guin is also a classic of the genre. Expect plenty of magic, mystery, dragons, and adventures. As it’s female-authored, this is a great book to read to young girls, as female characters have more autonomy and independence than in some similar fantasy novels. The book has also been adapted by Studio Ghibli and transformed into a rich, stunningly animated film.

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

This stunning tale may well have both you and your kid in tears at times, but overall it is a heartwarming, beautiful story about the impact that animals can have on human lives. It also helps your kid to learn a little about life in Victorian times (it was published in 1877). Sewell wrote the book hoping to teach people are animal welfare, but it also has important lessons about treating people well, too.

Peter and Wendy (Peter Pan) by J.M. Barrie

An instant classic when it was published in 1904, this beautiful tale celebrates the wonders of youth, especially the magic of a child’s imagination. With plenty of action and adventure to keep you and your child engrossed, as well as poignant moments of tenderness, this is a tale that can withstand being told many times.