3 Best Ways to Stop Your Kids From Scribbling on the Walls

Young children often come up with the most curious creative outlets, and they can see pretty much everything as a canvas. Many of them often use walls to express their creativity, and here are a few tips and tricks you can use to help them overcome this bad habit.

Designated Wall

Having a designated wall for scribbling is a good way to prevent damage while still providing your kids with a creative outlet. Removable chalkboard or whiteboard panels are the best possible option because they allow them to let their imagination run wild without ruining the walls.

Washable Art Supplies

You should also consider investing in art supplies that are easy to wash and remove. Try to look for washable crayons and paints at the local art store – you’ll still have to put an effort into removing them from the walls, but at least you won’t have to invest a fortune to do so.

Setting Boundaries

Even once you take all the practical steps to prevent wall damage, it’s still important to cut the problem at the root. Take some time to teach your children about appropriate places to draw, praise them whenever they use paper or other designated surfaces, and keep a close eye on them so you can intervene when they reach for the wall.